From Drought to Fire and Flood

As the Blaze Aid Teams arrive at farm sites, they are presented with farmers and communities who have faced a years long drought, followed by an unprecedented fire event and finally, flooding that has not been seen in this area in decades – they have weathered three incredible natural disasters in under a month. It sounds tremendous, but this is a story of bringing hope

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2019 – Thats a Wrap

I usually sleep well, but I am an early riser. Morning comes, a faint light, as dawn breaks. I stir, roll over and breathe out. I feel my chest tighten, anxiety. “What is it? What am I worried about?” Seconds pass before I fully emerge from sleep, in these moments the enormity of the challenge... Continue Reading →

Shoot for the moon

even if you do not make it, you may still land among the stars* This year marks the 50th year since the moon landing. A remarkable feat of human ingenuity and the result of incredible perseverance. But a lesser known fact is that a full seven years before Neil Armstrong took those famous steps for... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis… and back again

To help raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Dan and I will be attempting to run* in the 2019 City2Surf. To further promote the event, the team at Cure Brain Cancer asked me to write a piece about how the diagnosis has changed our lives. The past 11 months have presented us with... Continue Reading →

Welcome & Thank you

This website has been set up to provide updates to our friends and family on my battle with a brain tumour and to share some of the experience. I don’t envisage I will be a frequent blogger but I wanted to, at the very least, acknowledge everyone that has supported and assisted us throughout this... Continue Reading →


Champagne & Skittles is a blog written by Cassandra Bennett, mother, wife, average accountant, sometimes blogger and patient. This website serves as a tool to update friends and family on my battle with a brain tumour and an occasional book review.

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